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E-FAB, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, builds flex circuits for the military, commercial, government, aerospace, and other sector industries, and for a wide variety of applications. By incorporating many of the unique E-FAB PCM processes into our flex circuits manufacturing and engineering design, E-FAB’s flex circuit capabilities go above and beyond what a typical flex circuit board shop can manufacture. Many times, other flex shops will "farm out" and have E-FAB build the flex boards for them due to unique design and manufacturing requirements from their customers. In short, E-FAB brings to the table flexible circuit manufacturing advantages, and can manufacture what others only dream about.

Take a look at some of our unique flexible circuit boards built by E-FAB. We invite your engineered hybrid circuit dreams to become a reality with E-FAB. Also, feel free to ask for a flex circuit quote on your generic flex boards today.

E-FAB Precision Flex Circuits

Tuesday, July 15

E-FAB Has What It Takes To Build The Tough Flex Circuits For You

Before the term "Flex Circuits" became so popular both within the rigid circuit board industry and the general populace, and before the creation of the small hand-held products and communication devices such as the Apple iPhones and iPads, E-FAB has been a longtime manufacturer (since our company's earliest beginnings), of all types of flexible circuits and hybrid flex circuits for a wide variety of commercial, military, and government industries and diverse applications.

With E-FAB's precision photo chemical machining capabilities, we have the technical expertise, experience, and engineering "know-how" in building precision flexible circuit boards using various types of substrate materials for the hi-tech flex circuit requirements. Most traditional flex shops shy away from any type of flex boards that require special chemicals for etching non standard alloys or special process procedures involved in the manufacturing process, but at E-FAB we can do it all, including sculpted and sculptured flex designs. E-FAB has the manufacturing abilities to etch thicker metals and diverse alloys using different types of chemical etching processes compared to that of the traditional flex circuit board shops. Our experience working with a wide variety of composite materials and alloys is what makes E-FAB especially suited to build precision flexible circuits, hybrid flex circuits, and hybrid circuit packages for all industries and technology applications.

Prototype and Production Flex Boards

Here is a list of some of the industry segments and technology product groups E-FAB manufactures products for and including: PCB stiffeners and bus bars, flexible circuits, rigid/flex circuit boards, hybrid flex, high power flex, carriers, lead frames, thermal planes, antennas, microwave, memory, interconnects, staked memory modules, solar, laser, RFID, electronics, computers, robotics, medical, dental, aerospace, communications, military, defense department, tactical, weapons systems, other technology OEMs. Take a look at our large format KA Band JPL antenna structures and Space Fed Lens antennas. In addition, we are also a Micro Technology Antenna Fabrication Specialist.

Note: This is only a small sampling of industries that E-FAB serves. E-FAB provides engineering and design support for all types of products. Because of our background in the photochemical machining industry, we can help you design and build those difficult jobs that others in the flex industry have been reluctant to try. Also note that many of the flex products E-FAB manufactures are of a proprietary design, and as such we can not show the pictures.

Contact E-FAB's Flex Circuits Group today for a quote. Call our toll free 800 number (800.600.3322) and speak with a sales engineer today. Remember, E-FAB can manufacture the difficult and hybrid flex boards of what others have said can't be done.

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