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E-FAB, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, builds flex circuits for the military, commercial, government, aerospace, and other sector industries, and for a wide variety of applications. By incorporating many of the unique E-FAB PCM processes into our flex circuits manufacturing and engineering design, E-FAB’s flex circuit capabilities go above and beyond what a typical flex circuit board shop can manufacture. Many times, other flex shops will "farm out" and have E-FAB build the flex boards for them due to unique design and manufacturing requirements from their customers. In short, E-FAB brings to the table flexible circuit manufacturing advantages, and can manufacture what others only dream about.

Take a look at some of our unique flexible circuit boards built by E-FAB. We invite your engineered hybrid circuit dreams to become a reality with E-FAB. Also, feel free to ask for a flex circuit quote on your generic flex boards today.

Sculpted Flex and Sculptured Flex Circuits E-FAB Manufacturing

Wednesday, September 1

In this sculptured flex circuit, the sculpted pins are really just made as a "through hole connector" to be plugged into a series of holes in a PCB and then soldered. With this circuit design, they could also be soldered to a series of surface mount pads, but the significance is that it eliminates the need and cost of a ZIF connector. A ZIF connector is a Zero Insertion Force Connector, and is designed as a way to connect an electrical connector without applying force to the connector. The typical ZIF connector would be either a surface mount or a through hole type, assembled to a rigid PCB. A flex circuit or flat cable would then be plugged into the ZIF connector.

This flex circuit is a single layer type, but the unique features of this circuit is that the device end has sculpted or raised pads that are designed to act as plated through holes. There are two devices that will be assembled to this end, a surface mount resister and an off the shelf electronic oscillator; there is also a .005 Kapton stiffener on the bottom side protects the solder joints from cracking.

There are numerous savings to be gained by using E-FAB's Sculptured or Sculpted Flex Circuits. Significant savings can be realized by the elimination of extra hardware in the form of a ZIF connector, savings in production, manufacturing, and final assembly costs, better connectivity can also be realized by eliminating unnecessary ZIF connectors, and a more robust flex circuit design through the unique features built directly into the E-FAB sculpted flex circuit can significantly increase the longevity of the "end product" and provide the OEM customer with a wide variety of applied applications. While this flex circuit is just one example of what can be done with a sculptured flex circuit from E-FAB, the sculpted features that can be engineered, designed, and built directly into the flex circuit at the manufacturing and production phases of the parts' creation are endless. Take a close look at the images below for more details on E-FAB Sculptured Flex Circuits. You can also click on the images for a larger image picture to view up close the sculpted flex circuit features.

Contact E-FAB Flex today to learn more.

Above is a picture of the E-FAB Sculpted Flex Circuit

Pictured above is an angled view of the raised pads and other features.

Pictured above is a close up view of the raised pads, hence the term sculpted flex circuit.

Pictured above is a close up of the connector end of the sculptured flex circuit. Notice the raised connector pins built directly into the flex circuit, which effectively eliminates the requirement to install install expensive ZIF connectors on the mating circuits, since the finished pin thickness on the flex board can match that of almost any engineered connector requirements. This in turn improves the circuit integrity. Contact E-FAB Flex Circuits today.


Aluminum Flex Circuit Specialists

Thursday, January 1

Military or commercial flex circuit applications built of or in aluminum, beryllium copper, or stainless steel. Yes, it can be done. E-FAB Flex delivers high quality flex boards.

If you have special engineering requirements that require aluminum or other metal traces in your flex circuits such as beryllium copper or stainless steel, E-FAB knows how to manufacture it for you. E-FAB is not your typical flex circuit board shop. Our background is out of the photo chemical machining industry, where we have the expertise in photo etching and photo chemical machining of all types of metals and alloys for a wide variety of industries.

E-FAB Precision Flex Circuits

For those that don't know about E-FAB Flex, we have been building flex circuits for a long time. In fact we have provided support services for many of the circuit board shops around the country. Circuit board shops have contacted E-FAB for our special photo etching services as an outside source, when it comes to making the hard to fabricate, or hard to etch materials and flex circuits for some of the more complex engineering designs and unique process requirements by some customers over the years. E-FAB truly can do what no other flex circuit shop can do for you. Read a bit more about E-FAB's precision flex circuit capabilities.

Contact our flex circuits sales and engineering department for details and a price quote today. E-FAB accepts all major credit cards.


Heavy Metal Sculpted Flex Circuits - High Power Applications

Thursday, October 9

E-FAB builds high power, high voltage, high current flex circuits for military or commercial applications too.

Are you looking for a bendable flex circuit for high powered applications? Have you asked a flex shop about building sculpted flex circuits that have traces .010 to .060 inches thick? And of course, they said, "it can't be done."

E-FAB is here to tell you the good news, "sculpted flex with .010 to .060 inches thick traces most definitely can be built." E-FAB knows how to build precision sculpted flex circuits for you. We have the engineering, technical capabilities, and manufacturing processes in place to manufacture your heavy metal flex circuits, for high power, high current, and high voltage applications today.

Take a look at E-FAB's precision flex circuits capabilities and how our unique PCM fabrication and manufacturing processes can be of great benefit to you in your hybrid flex circuit engineered designs.

Contact our sales and engineering department for details and a price quote. E-FAB accepts all major credit cards.


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We have here a bit of flex engineering and design insight into the world of flex and hybrid flex circuits. E-FAB has the expertise to build it right. If you are wondering if your engineered design can be manufactured to your specifications, please give us a call or send in your design requirements now.

Thank you.

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